Paper Masks (shitty demos)

by creepy asshole

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released October 5, 2014



all rights reserved


creepy asshole Pasadena, California

im so sorry for ever releasing this

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Track Name: Sleep (demo)
I dont want to sleep
Cause if i do you might leave
Track Name: Up Late (demo)
stayed up late
watched some films
not my type
the good guy wins

walked alone
every creak
in an empty home
makes a shriek

went to bed
couldnt sleep
i wondered why
we count sheep

i counted bats
drinking blood
and how many pints
they could suck

didnt work
took some pills
fuzzy brained
its hard to feel

i heard rain
on the street
or sprinklers
flowers gotta eat

at night things look weird
when wrapped in sheets theres no fear
I feel ok, only when youre here
it all just dissapeares
Track Name: Out (demo)
you stared vacent at me with eyes that seemed
like they had been put out
your skin seemed like paper dreams and your veins forget to pump blood
i said dont walk over there there are bears that will hear
every sound that you let out
i miss those days when i you could hear me speak to you
and i didnt have to shout

I will
return you
back to the place i grew up
I will
return you
i think enough is enough