by wrinkled crone

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released February 6, 2014



all rights reserved


creepy asshole Pasadena, California

im so sorry for ever releasing this

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Track Name: sext
send me a sext of the dead skunk on the road
an sms text of the bumps on your nose
i wanna count the cracks in your skinny lanky knees
im just a greasy boy with a gross boys needs

and when my phone buzzes i can feel you in my soul
and when i touch your ribs i almost lose control
i hate that you dont love me i think youre really nice
i want you sexts to keep me up all night

under my sheets is where ill go to die
i found myself there when you kissed that other guy
lights went out and my life flashed before my eyes
i know the pressures of being alive
Track Name: hex
what the heck
I miss the feeling of your fingers on the back of my neck
and looking at you In the seat next to me
on a train that's rushing downtown it speeds
in my brain and isn't it funny how rain
falls at the exact moment when things are looking down
and life's like a movie without a nice ending
the critics love or hate depending
on wether they wanna feel good while leaving the screen
or wether they're tired and mean
or have broken hearts and it struck a cord
or maybe they were just plain bored
after too many drinks my words get slurred
and I try and say I love you but I don't want to get hurt
cause the way you look at me is alien now
and I wanna forget you but I don't know how
I made a mix that I never gave you
because if I did it wouldn't save you
we were fucked from the start according to you
and there was nothing I could do
expect kiss you face and say that I loved you
and I meant too and I'd say it again
but it's too late now for us to be friends
and I wanna get a tattoo that says "all things end"
but you're still a bitch and you're really mean
but I'll bet your kiss could blow me to smithereens
and make my flesh and bones turn into steam
and I feel far away like one of Saturn rings
and I get scared when I turn on the tv
because things aren't looking good in the Middle East
and tv shows suck expect for twin peaks and the x files
sometimes I think I'm surrounded by freak and pedo files
and my room seems a safer than my lawn
but they'd be blown away in a Nuclear bomb a
nd my starry eyes turned into super novas t
he second you told me that it was over
and on my bike I stopped to fast to not hit a car
but instead I went over the handle bars
and when I got up of the my arms were covered in scars
so I bought some ice scream that tasted like shit
so I chugged some vodka so I could forget about it
and my head started to hurt so I came home alone
and tried to eat a chicken but choked on the bones
sometimes it feels like life really sucks
but I think that maybe I'm just down on my luck
Track Name: lexi
lexi babe im strung out on you
lexi you chase away my blues
lexi think you are so cute
lexi baby i love you

remember when you took me to the ocean
you dunked my head under the foam
i felt ok with your arms around me
even in the deep unknown